10 miles and mommy guilt.


I write this on along a car ride to an out of town wedding midday after my first double digit run. I reached 10 miles this morning. It was a beautiful morning in NC/SC. I say this because we live right on the border so I’m always crossing the state line on a long run. It was cool to start when I went out around 630 and a nice clear day. I walked a little bit but overall felt really good. It’s definitely better than my typical midday run since it’s getting warmer. I walked in to see Annabelle running towards me, mostly interested in the plastic water bottle I was holding. She did want a big (sweaty) hug a few minutes later, which was then followed by her wanting to take a bite out of a whole apple for the first time- WITH the peel. That’s a big step and makes me happy since apples are SO low in Phenylalanine. It’s a PKU win!!

Back to my title- I was feeling some guilt over not being around Saturday morning because as I write this, my husband and I are driving out of town for a wedding. Runs are usually during nap time so how could I run while she was awake AND leave to go out of town!? Mommy guilt! It’ll eat you alive.

It’s hard to believe the race is 3 weeks from tomorrow. I’m getting closer to my fundraising goal thanks to gracious family and friends. I feel good with my training. Last weekend I didn’t sleep as well and only hit 8 mikes instead of 9 but today I feel like I made strides both physically and mentally.

Since going to college in Boston, I get very sentimental around marathon time. This upcoming Monday the marathon takes place and there will be a fabulous Running for Rare team there. This year more than ever, my heart will be in Boston on Monday. I will be rooting for everyone running, for all the causes near and dear to people’s hearts. I will keep the rare disease community closest to my heart.

There are others we need to send our love and prayers to. I forgot until after my run that today, 4 years ago, the bombing occurred. We need to remember and honor those lost, those who fought to save people, and those who forever are impacted by that day. Be BOSTON STRONG!

I know I’ll be Boston Strong in Providence on May 7th.

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3 comments on “10 miles and mommy guilt.
  1. Anne Burtenshaw says:

    Love this Rachel!

  2. phil says:

    Thank you for the nice post Rachel. I look forward to meeting you in Providence.

  3. Kevin White says:

    nice post Rachel! 2 more days, we can’t wait!!

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