Yellow is the New Black

Last Tuesday was anything other than a regular December Tuesday.  For me, it was the start of the 2015 Marathon Season Tuesday morning Cambridge runs starting at Central Square Starbucks at 5:45 A.M.  I was mentally preparing for this new chapter of running in the mornings with the team for days, so I set my alarm for 4 AM to ensure I would have plenty of time to wake up, drink an energy drink, and run the 1.0 mile route to the meeting spot.

I awoke before the alarm even went off, and looked out my bedroom window onto the quiet city streets of Boston.  I think I was the first person awake in my neighborhood.  It was so peaceful, dark, and cold, but clear, calm and inviting at the same time.  I reached for my phone and texted Andrew to confirm I was up and moving, ready to meet him for the run.  I drank my pre-workout energizer and sorted through my dryer for something appropriate for the dark, cold morning run – black pants, black socks, black top….  “

“Heather grey is considered a light color right?” – I pondered as I unpacked my new pink sneakers.  Other items on my morning wardrobe checklist – black running hat – check.  Black running gloves, check.  Black sunglasses?  I texted Andrew, my “go-to” consultant for all things running in the morning.  Luckily he was in good humor and laughed as he responded “It’s dark out!”  I looked at the clock – 5:20 A.M. – and took one last look in the closet for something bright to wear.  My eyes found my Reach the Beach bag and my night running gear – so I grabbed my trusted yellow night running vest and hit the road.  Yellow is the new black when it is pitch black outside…

Yellow is the new black

Yellow is the new black

Out the back door, across the footbridge and along the Charles River Esplanade path I began my day with a deep breath and surge of positive energy.  What a beautiful sight.  The city was still asleep, the river was serene, the city lights and skyline looked like a photograph or a postcard.  I passed two runners with headlamps, and thought to myself it was a good thing I didn’t bring those sunglasses!

photo 3

I jogged along the river and enjoyed the peaceful moments alone running to join my team for a 3 mile loop.  The silence of the early morning, the sound of my breathing, the feeling of the cold air in my lungs and through my body awakening my senses.  Then the realization – how truly thankful and blessed I felt to be able to wake up and run, to have my health and my team, two things that I could not train for a marathon without.  I started to think about how much I wanted to write this blog entry and let everyone know that there is no need to bring sunglasses on your morning runs, in fact I recommend headlamps!  I thought about my patient partner, and how I look forward to making a connection during this training season with them.

As the flood of thoughts consumed me, I talked myself into calmness like the river beside me and I reminded myself to just breathe and run.  This is why you run, so enjoy it.  You can write it down later…

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