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Lauren, Chris, Jani and Mary

My running pals will attest to the fact that the mind becomes pretty singularly focused at mile 26 on marathon day.   To say that I’m a man of few words at that point is being frivolous.  I’m a man

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P.S. – My mind took a walk

the race is 5 races and in my opinion begins at mile 16 with(depending on who you talk to) the 1st of, and again, in my opinion the most difficult of the 4 ‘Newton Hills’. Part 1 is a total

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Gina’s Story

I have the honor and distinct pleasure to represent Team Genzyme/Running for Rare Diseases in the 2014 Boston marathon.  The focus on this year’s race is heightened for obvious reasons, and I hope that some of that attention lands on

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Archive of posts from Marathon runners dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of people with serious disease.