A Very Challenging Winter So Far

As I’m sure are the rest of my teammates (and everyone else in the North East for that matter), I’m having a difficult time finding dry pavement to stick to my training schedule.  As a result, I’ve been forced inside to the dreaded treadmill.  Maybe everyone else doesn’t find it as horrible, but I find running inside to be one of the duller things I subject myself to on a regular basis.  When I first started running a little over a year ago, I started on the treadmill and as soon as I was comfortable enough to not collapse in a heap, I escaped the confines of the gym and started running out along the Charles River where there’s far more to keep me occupied than Sportscenter, CNN and watching the miles slowly tick up and the seconds slowly tick down.

So today as Boston shut down under another foot of snow, I retreated to the YMCA in order to stay on track with Mr. Higdon’s plan for me. After the first 7 miles, which I had done at my usual (9-9.5 minute/ mile) pace I decided to kick it up a notch and run at a more Phil-like pace and turned up the speed to 8 minute/ mile.  So I guess in the end, treadmills aren’t all bad if they can get me to push myself just a little further.  All the same, I can’t wait for Spring and for a time when the snowbanks give us back our sidewalks, bike paths and roads.  Even the sleet currently coming down is a welcome change.

Good luck, team, in your efforts to find space to run!

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2 comments on “A Very Challenging Winter So Far
  1. Rebecca says:

    the dreaded treadmill. “duller” is putting it lightly.
    affectionately known as the dreadmill in my world.
    rest assured i have an up close and personal relationship with this repetitious beast.
    yes, my words reveal inherent detest. yet for me, this beast of burden is a lifeline that keeps me upright, mobile, traversing the world of the ambulatory.

    i will add you to my treadmill “thought-list” …if you promise to take me running OUTSIDE in your mind when the snow clears!

  2. faraza says:

    Matt, I feel your pain. I’ve avoided the treadmill so far … but that’s come at the expense of some slipping and sliding on the ice which has been dangerous and bad on my knees! I eventually resorted to running on the main roads vs the pavements as those were usually better … but the proximity to cars zooming by is unnerving in its own way. I can’t wait until spring either.

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