a rose is a rose is a rose

a rose is a rose is a rose….

i did not hesitate a moment in offering to contribute to this years team genzyme runners and their auction supporting NORD. of course i would embrace the chance to use the efforts of my hands, knowledge and abilities to create something of merit. after all the true reason i am still creating, teaching, sharing so vitally comes from the very hope of NORD, research culminating in therapies for those who suffer the challenges of a rare disease.

choosing a symbol and an art form to express this became the more difficult task. what would speak to the challenge of raising awareness and funds to help others living with a rare disease? what would honor the countless people who work so diligently day after day at genzyme in a myriad of tasks that together create the therapy that has returned me and so many others to a life well lived full of meaning and hope?

should i paint? mosaic? sculpt? beautiful in each regard,  yet …everything pointed to stained glass. the ideal format for transparency, bold living colour, the intimacy of mouth blown glass, a place to incorporate a faceted jewel in honor of light passing through each of us and our resolve to transmit beauty and purpose.

i thought about the famous 13 century stained-glass rose windows in many cathedrals and churches through out europe. Their perfect geometry was regarded as being similar to the eastern mandala, a meditative symbol signifying the paths to enlightenment and the human desire for wholeness.

it seemed a simple and profound fit. a single red rose. one of the most recognized and revered flowers. a symbol of love, honor, sacrifice, and perfection.

passion red for matters of the heart, conviction, purity, devotion, loyalty and compassion.

leaves. yes, genzyme green, after all, what could signify vitality and life more than the bold green lettering of genzyme?

a rose…once rare, transformed by the hands of knowledge, the study of cultivating, the ability to strengthen, enhance and offer new life.

some will see a rose, others will see their triumph, their perfect offering to the lives of others, the way i see each of you and the inextricable way we are all bound to each other in perfect concentric circles of energy and light.

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