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foot pounding love

it is friday morning. the sun is hours away from rising here in the southwest. yet i am sure each of you has been awake for hours. i cannot imagine what thoughts filled you on the eve of 26.2 miles

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a rose is a rose is a rose

a rose is a rose is a rose…. i did not hesitate a moment in offering to contribute to this years team genzyme runners and their auction supporting NORD. of course i would embrace the chance to use the efforts

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running for our lives

Once in a blue moon comes a night that takes me out of this broken body. In my night dream I am running. I can feel each capable foot push off the firm believable earth. I can hear the strength

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a shelter in the storm

maybe it was the first storm of winter or the darkening sky where once the sun lay gold on an open palm.  perhaps it was the entire day, hope hanging on thin infusion tubes in the arms of grace or

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