foot pounding love

it is friday morning.

the sun is hours away from rising here in the southwest. yet i am sure each of you has been awake for hours.
i cannot imagine what thoughts filled you on the eve of 26.2 miles of foot pounding love and devotion. it staggers my imagination, this culmination of training for months; testing, pushing, believing….. extending yourself across a landscape of challenge, with the bright hope of a better future.

navigating life within the confines of this body is a daily challenge that has weighted my dreams for countless years. the effort of propelling myself through space, a marathon life event. but this morning? today we will take each step with a heightened sense of each other. we will move beyond all physical differences with the profound awareness of believing in a brighter future for all.

with your every effort, you are lifting hearts above impossible obstacles. challenges that lie in weight each waking hour in the bodies of those you are honoring. i hope the sheer strength of your generosity will give you wings.

after all……alone, we are rare.
together, we are STRONG!

i am with you, each one of you, every step of the way, as you are with us.

with great love, respect and joy of sharing your success, which you have already achieved, the moment you joined the team.


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One comment on “foot pounding love
  1. Matt O'Shea says:

    Thanks for your inspirational words, Rebecca. Phil shared them with the team before we left Allston for Hopkinton yesterday.

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