76 days and counting…

This morning Jessi, Kelsey, Luis, Phil, Sharon and I ran our usual Tuesday morning loop around the Charles River. The run was great as usual but on this snowy morning it made me think about why we are running in the marathon and for the National Organization for Rare Diseases. The weather that we have had over the past week has reminded me on how challenging marathon training can be, and this morning was no different. While motivation can be a problem with only 3 degree weather, or snowy foot paths what keeps me going is the knowledge that we are raising awareness about rare diseases and the patients that are affected by these rare diseases. Only 11 weeks to go until the Boston Marathon.

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One comment on “76 days and counting…
  1. What a beautifully written blog, andrews.

    Running in snow and ice — and 3 degrees (ugh!)– takes a SPECIAL type of motivation. The Genzyme Boston Marathon Running Team obviously has it!

    I hope you ALL realize what a force for good you are. 🙂

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