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If you plan on watching the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15, be sure to cheer for the 17 members of the “Running for Rare Diseases” team who are running for the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD). Runners have spent the past several months training together (through a snowy Boston winter!), building relationships with their rare disease patient partners, organizing fundraising events, and supporting each other through training & fundraising advice, group runs, and attending each other’s events.

The team is extremely grateful to its supporters and would love to see as many of you out on the marathon course as possible!

Join Team Running for Rare Diseases Team Supporters at Mile 14 in Wellesley

Many co-workers and patient partners will be stationed at mile 14 in Wellesley to cheer for the runners and hand out water and Gatorade. People will begin congregating at the meeting spot at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Wellesley (309 Washington Street, Wellesley) around 9 a.m. and will stay until the final team runner has passed (approximately 1 p.m.). The meeting spot is located steps away from the Wellesley Hills commuter rail stop; given the road closures on Marathon Monday, this is the recommended method of transportation.

All co-workers and their friends and family are more than welcome to join this group. Please email Shay Zukowski if you need additional information.

Tracking Runners

No matter where you plan to watch the race or if you’d like to keep track of it virtually, you can sign up to receive text message alerts when runners cross the following points: 10K (6.2 miles), halfway mark (13.1 miles), 30K (18.6 miles – in the midst of the infamous Newton hills), and finish line. Just text RUNNER to 345678 to sign up for these notifications. The BAA website will also have a place where you can put in runners’ bib numbers and see their progress, but this tracking system does not show up until race day.

Most the runners are in Wave 3, Corral 6, and will be starting around 10:40 a.m. They will be wearing blue running bibs and white tank tops. Sharon will be starting at 10:20 a.m. in Wave 2, wearing white running bibs.

Runners & Bib Numbers

Jessi Colund 23934
Sharon Cotnam 17394
David Cunningham 23938
Colleen Dalton-Petillo 25306
James Drob 13592
Kyle Kellinghaus 23942
John Koltvedt 23937
Phil Maderia 11242
Sean McShera 23932
Cian O’Brien 23939
Jack Prior 23930
Kristin Rapp 23941
Andrew Scholte 23933
Kai Simon 23931
Jen Tedstone 23940
Lisa Valaika 23936
Dan Wilkens 23935

10:02 Wheelchairs pass Wellesley
10:49Lead Women pass Wellesley
11:08 Lead Men pass Wellesley location
1:00 Several team runners pass Wellesley

Getting to 1/2 way point
Supporters and patient families will gather at half way point in front yard of Unitarian church at 309 Washington Street, Wellesley. You should be able to park in Route 9-accessible neighborhood off clark street or in neighborhood to right just after route 9 goes under route 16.

Useful Links:

Spectator Guide

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