Ghost Train 100 – Virtual Pacer Silent Auction

Most of you know about the injury which occurred at my last 100 mile race attempt on June 15, 2013.  Since then, I have aggressively sought to overcome this adversity.  I have made many changes in my training including adding rolling, stretching, ice, ultrasound, laser, compression, and ice baths as well as some subtle changes to my running form to put less stress on my calves.  Overcoming adversity hasn’t been easy for someone relatively healthy; I can’t begin to imagine how difficult it is to overcome the real adversity that plagues the people suffering from rare diseases.

Next Saturday, 10/26, I will once again attempt to complete a 100 mile race, Ghost Train 100.  This time though, Wylder and I will have more help. We are teaming up with the families of Trek, Jacob, Kaitlyn, Quinn, Lily, Riley, Faith and Amber.  These 9 children, including Wylder have all tragically passed away from Niemann-Pick A.  I have become acquainted with their heartbreaking stories since meeting Steven and Shannon (Wylder’s parents) back in 2012 through the Wylder Nation blog and am very excited to have their support.  NP Month

October is also Niemann-Pick Awareness month, so we are reaching out for some more help to raise awareness.

As many of you know, with ultra-marathons, pacers are often allowed to run with the athlete in the later miles to help ensure that the athlete is safe during the run.  We are looking for Virtual Pacers for the entire race to give us an additional edge over the competition and to ensure success.

I have learned over the past 7 years being closely connected with the rare disease community that there are many passionate and energetic people out there.  You are the ones we are seeking out to send us positive energy to help us during this run.  We have organized a Virtual Pacer Silent Auction where the winning bidder will take responsibility for helping us execute each 5-mile portion of the race.

Our race crew will be tweeting along the course and letting people know how we are progressing (details are forthcoming).  Though there is certainly no requirement to actually run the miles, the opportunity does exist for the pacer to run their portion at around the same time or could run it in advance; especially for the overnight portions. Pace does not matter; it’s the energy that matters. As for our pace, we will not be fast relative to marathon paces.  We are thinking 11 – 15 min/mile depending on the section of the race so even walkers are welcome to pace.  Again, this is all virtual so no coordination or logistical intervention is necessary.  It is just a fun way to engage interest and raise awareness for everyone else but for us, we view this as a much needed EDGE!

No payments will be accepted before the race. We will only collect money if we complete the entire race!!!

WHEN we are successful, all monies raised will go to the Wylder Nation Foundation 501c3.

Silent Auction Details

  • 20 items – 5 mile increments from 0 – 100 Miles
  • All bids must be in $5 increments

Minimum Bids

Miles 5 – 25             $5

Miles 25 – 50           $10

Miles 50 – 75           $15

Miles 75 – 80            $25

Miles 85 – 100         $50

As Ultra-runners know, the hardest part of the race starts at mile 75 so we will need the most passionate pacers to be sending us energy during the last 25 miles of the run.  With the success of the Play List Fund Raiser, before my last race attempt, we are now armed with 100s of songs of motivational music to help us through the race donated by this community; another EDGE!

The Virtual Pacer Auction starts today and will end at 5PM on Friday, 10/25/13.  (All donations are 100% tax deductible.)



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4 comments on “Ghost Train 100 – Virtual Pacer Silent Auction
  1. Emma says:

    Awesome to hear you are back in the game Phil! Your latest pursuit sounds crazy to me but INSPIRING. I can only imagine that surrounding yourself with support & positive energy will make the world of difference. I’m sure you’ll be getting global good vibes on this one! Way to put yourself out there for a great cause.

  2. phil says:

    Thank you Emma and congrats again on your first Marathon in Toronto!

  3. Thank you Phil, we LOVE you!! Wylder with certainly be with you on Saturday. Be safe and happy running. xoxo Shannon and Steven

  4. Go Phil go!!! We are behind you 100%. Thank you for all you do for our NPA families … together we ARE stong!! xoxo Shannon

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