Running is easy, blogging is hard….

Writing down your thoughts has to be one of the hardest things to do….
Those that know me even in the slightest bit know that I truly enjoy chatting with people. So, writing something for the Running For Rare blog should be easy, right?

Can I tell you the number of times that I started writing this post only to trash it or leave it? And it doesn’t stop with blogging….I’m not very good at commenting on Facebook posts or on Instagram (and don’t even ask me about SnapChat….I just don’t get it…I always thought I was cool and with it, but maybe my age is catching up with me!).

It’s because I cannot express how much this team means to me…..

I love how this team brings together so many people, stories, and hopes….and I in a very small way get to be a part of it.

I am running the TCS NYC Marathon (in 2 weeks!) and I have the honor of running it for Claire. Y’all have to meet Claire because she is just amazing and awesome! She has unbelievable support from her family and friends (ask Andrew who met Claire’s Uncle!), to whom I cannot adequately express my thanks…

What can I say about this partnership? This is where I get stuck because how can I express this in words….I just can’t….

Thank you NORD, UDN, Running for Rare, and Claire…you all give me purpose….

I stumbled upon working in rare diseases as a graduate student…but I sought out to be part of this team!

Me and Claire!!!

Me and Claire!!!


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6 comments on “Running is easy, blogging is hard….
  1. Claire Kiniry says:

    YGG!! (You go girl!)

    Proud to be your running partner! NYC here we come!

  2. Maureen McLaughlin says:

    Rena and Claire – you do sound like you have an amazing partnership. Have a great run! Show NYC what you’re made of. You are both amazing. Go Running4Rare!

  3. Anne Burtenshaw says:

    Can’t wait for NYC, and Rena you bring so much joy to so many people. Your passion and enthusiasm is infectious and you are a wonderful advocate. So happy that Running4Rare made us friends.

  4. Smithk33 says:

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  5. Renee says:

    Blogging gets easier when you stop beating yourself up about what to write and how to write it. Just let it flow! It’s just like running actually..come to think of it

  6. C.Haley says:

    Lovely initiative! I hope you completed the TCS NYC marathon successfully! About the blogging – keep doing it. It gets easier! Good luck!

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