Trying on the Jersey (aka Singlet)

Applebee picThis past August I saw an announcement on our intranet for Genzyme Running Jerseys. Run a race and get a jersey. I like to run and have been participating in the Running for Rare Disease Relay for a few years now so why not?  After meeting with Kai and trying on the jersey, I truly felt like I was just drafted to play on my hometown team. I went home, proudly showed my family and gave it a special spot in my closet.  The first time I wore it for the Ashland race was mind blowing, I could barely contain my excitement. There were others with the same jersey as me! Some people I knew already, most I did not but it certainly helped to get the introductions started.  I do believe the jersey helped me run faster as all I could feel was positive energy that morning.

Fast forward to October, Kai sends along the application for employees and friends to join the 2015 Marathon team and in the ad there was a line that said something to the effect of “unique and life changing experience.”  After reading those lines I think… Heck yes! I WANT and/or NEED a life changing experience, I have the jersey, let the adventure continue.  I fill out the GRT application and wait in anticipation.  I can’t help but wonder, will they say no? Should I dress up for the interview or do I wear the jersey if there is an interview?   I haven’t interviewed for anything in 10 years!  Thankfully, an email arrived from Phil with logistics for the first kick-off meeting. The what to wear to the interview dilemma was over, the excitement brewing to put that jersey on once again as an official member of the GRT and I knew that the unique and life changing experience was going into overdrive.

Here we are second week of January 2015.  I have met my patient partner/runner partner/amigo/ friend Natali who is funny, witty, caring, friendly, adventurous, compassionate, smart, supertech savvy and honest as the day is long. I was ready for the unique life changing experience, it was just a matter of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying on the jersey. To borrow a line from my favorite blogger, Natali: Live life to the fullest no matter what.

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3 comments on “Trying on the Jersey (aka Singlet)
  1. Natali says:

    I seriously love you! And your 2 girlies too 🙂 I’m so glad you decided to join the team, and that the 2 of us got paired up. I think “corner” will be something that I remember forever. And I’m looking forward to the next time we meet up & get ourselves into some “trouble”. I like trouble 😉
    Love you tons! Thank you for joining the team & for driving up here so often. Give your girlies a hug from me too! <3 xoxo

  2. Suzanne says:

    So proud of my big sister!

  3. Jessicac says:

    I love this story about trying on the singlet for the first time and feeling drafted for your hometown team! So glad we are all running on the team together!

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