December 30th run along the (partially frozen) Charles River

December 30th run along the (partially frozen) Charles River

So, I took the Holidays off from running.  <Eek!>  That’s a whole 2 months off from running (well, a part from a few fun 5Ks…which they don’t really count because is it a training run if you are in costume and running towards the beer tent?)!!!!  On December 30th I ran my first training run…and outdoors!  It was brutal, cold, and hard.  But they always say the first run is the hardest (who is “they” by the way?).  I started to reflect back on last year’s training season and I remembered how much fun I had.  And I started to look forward to this season of running.  I am so excited to have this opportunity to run with all of you and meet all of our Patient Partners!  I will be your loudest cheerleader and support your fundraiser (when possible!)!!!  Good Luck Everyone!!

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4 comments on “Confession
  1. Amy Atwood says:

    Yes, dressing in costume and running to a beer tent DEFINITELY counts! 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    Ok, I’ll fess up too. I didn’t run for November and December to heal up some achilles tendinitis. Getting back into the grind has been slooooww, cold going. I feel so sluggish! My 2015 patient partners are in sunny Florida and have offered to do a photo safari for me to have something to look at while I’m on my treadmill. Looking forward to another round of marathon craziness and some really fun fundraisers!

  3. Jessicac says:

    Yes – there’s something epic about the Boston Marathon training season. It always starts in the bitter cold and with the sense of, “How did I do this before?” The twenty-mile runs, the fundraising, the time… And then you get back into it and you remember, “Oh yes, I am doing this because there’s nothing better in the entire world.” The team spirit, the patient partners, the connection, the feeling of accomplishment and the feeling of doing something that matters. The snow melts into spring, the season of hope, and you realize that all those months in the cold were worth it — because you’re ready to run 26.2 miles with an inspiring team and wearing the name and photo of someone you’ve really come to know and appreciate. Onward we go!

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