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Snow Run

I hate the cold and am not a fan of snow. Hence my getting a membership to Boston University’s FitRec, which features an indoor track. That is where I plan to do the vast majority of my training this winter.

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Light the Path

I appreciate the solitary nature of running—the way you can just get up and go without needing to form a team. In the same breath, I also know that I would be out jogging far too infrequently, through the winter,

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So, I took the Holidays off from running.  <Eek!>  That’s a whole 2 months off from running (well, a part from a few fun 5Ks…which they don’t really count because is it a training run if you are in costume

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My Promise

A year and a half ago I joined Genzyme.  I had heard of the company and knew the name but before I interviewed with them I didn’t know their mission and the passion people have to find ways to help

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The Most Selfish Thing I’ve Ever Done

This is a letter I wrote to my family and friends (obviously) and decided to share on my personal blog as well as here because I think many others are feeling similar to me – anxious, excited, terrified – at

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A Holiday Hat Trick

Sub-freezing temperatures, dark mornings with reluctant dawns, warm pillows that are so much more inviting than icy sidewalks and windblown river paths. All the familiar signs of the Boston Marathon training season are here again. My teammate Jack calls this

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