Snow Run


I hate the cold and am not a fan of snow. Hence my getting a membership to Boston University’s FitRec, which features an indoor track. That is where I plan to do the vast majority of my training this winter.

So when I woke up Saturday morning and, after seeing the snow, told Cory that I wanted to run in it, he looked at me like I was crazy and asked, “Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend???” I was disappointed that I missed the team run since I didn’t wake up until after 9, but I was considering running in the snow anyway for multiple reasons:

  1. It looked so pretty! Gigantic white fluffy snowflakes!
  2. Those fabulous flakes were floating straight down – which meant no wind, which is usually the worst part about running in the cold.
  3. It was a balmy 34 degrees – so above freezing, which is my general cutoff.
  4. Since it wasn’t freezing and there was a bunch of snow, I didn’t think it would be too slippery.
  5. I would have to get to the gym if I didn’t run my seven miles outside. And why make Cory clean the car off and drive me, or stand in the snow waiting for the T, when I’d be wasting minutes that I could be running?
  6. I heard Phil’s voice in the back of my head saying I was going to have to toughen up and run outside even when the weather wasn’t perfect…

So I did it. Of course, I packed fresh socks and my new sneakers (I figured I’d wear my old ones for the snow run) in my backpack in case I was miserable and just wanted to finish the run inside by the time I got to the BU area. I also remembered some water and fuel since for me, I knew this would take well over an hour. Where I knew I was lacking was in snow running attire. I just kept thinking of Jessi and her cool new headwear that sounded like a Middle Eastern pastry. (Balaclava, Amy, not baklava!) I layered up, and headed out!

It was fun… at first. It wasn’t long before I realized running on a few inches of snow is like running on sand, and you really feel it, every step of the way! And boy, are those pretty flakes annoying as they are constantly getting in your eyes and soaking your face! Luckily as I approached busier parts of Commonwealth Ave. more of the sidewalk was cleared so it wasn’t quite as tough running. But by the time I hit City Sports, I decided that I could either throw in the towel and do the rest at the gym, or I could break down and copy Jessi. So I made a pit stop and bought the balaclava.

The rest of the run was slow – even slower than normal – but generally not too bad. It was only when running through the slushy parts and my feet getting soaked that was really annoying. And then there were highlights – like meeting my new friend, who I will call Olaf (see below) – and proving I wouldn’t melt in the snow… But for the record, I am not a morning person, am still afraid of slipping on ice and really don’t like the cold, so still plan to do most of my runs inside until spring blesses us with warmer weather…


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One comment on “Snow Run
  1. Jessicac says:

    This post made my Monday morning! It’s like our favorite Scandinavian phrase says, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” Glad you discovered the joys of the balaclava.

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